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Reading this book was like reading all the things going on inside of me. I cried. I laughed. I understood more about me, my father and I was actually able to forgive him for a lot of things.

M. Zona

Wow! This book REALLY peels back the curtain. It provides so much useful information and really makes you realize just how much we never knew about men!

L. Rodriguez

A Very thought provoking and insightful book on the male mind. It will help you understand your man's way of thinking in ways you never knew before. A must read ....whether you are in a relationship or looking to be in one.

B. Matics

This book is extremely informative and very well written. A Must-read for those that want to know what makes "men tick!"

S. Sheiken

As a professional therapist dealing with families in crisis, The Man Puzzle has allowed me to approach problems with more understanding. A must read for every woman and every therapist!

L. Jenkins

Chapter 1: Physical Differences

Chapter 1: Physical Differences

Men and women can do the same jobs but because we can do the same jobs that does not mean we're the same. Equality does not require us to be the same and believing that it does causes a ton of misunderstandings.

This chapter breaks down all the scientifically proven differences between men and women, and you'll be shocked at how many there are.

How we see is different, how we sense touch, even how we accumulate plaque in our arteries is different. When we get to the big differences, like our brains, you'll learn things like why men remember some things while other things they don't.

After reading this chapter you may wonder if we're even from the same species and you'll certainly understand that if you put the same soul in such vastly different vessels there would be no way those two souls could experience and interact with the world in the same way.

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