Discussion Guide

Because numerous women's book clubs were interviewed during the research phase of this book, I thought it would be appropriate to include a discussion guide to facilitate an open and hopefully, deeper exchange of information.

Chapter 1: 

  1. What information did you already know and what was new?
  2. What surprised you most?

Chapter 2: How Boys Become Men

  1. Can you identify the male influences in your man's life?
  2. Has your man been derailed?
  3. Has your son been derailed?

Chapter 3: Communicating With Men

  1. What did you think about eliminating certain words from your vocabulary?
  2. Do you understand why men stop talking?
  3. What surprised you most about how men communicate?

Chapter 4: Resolving Problems – How To Argue

  1. What surprised you most about how men argue?

Chapter 5: Navigating the Tough Spots

  1. Can you identify the core argument topics?
  2. How hard is it for you to not loose your temper?

Chapter 6: Getting Ready To Date

  1. Do you, or, do you know women who use these excuses?
  2. How many male single friends did you invite to your last dinner party?

Chapter 7: Men and Dating

  1. Were you tested in your current or last relationship?
  2. When do you think you should have sex? Should the 3rd date rule apply or should some other rule apply?

Chapter 8: From Dating To Relationship

  1. How do you feel about anchoring your relationship?

Chapter 9: Men And Sex

  1. Have you experimented with the most popular item on the "sexy dress list?"
  2. Have you added more variety to your bag of tricks?
  3. How many have added text messaging as part of the foreplay?

Chapter 10: The Ugly Side of Men

  1. What is your perspective on jealousy?
  2. Do you think my German friend was right when she talked about American women and their attitudes towards men?

Chapter 11: Men and Emotions

  1. Does your man share his emotions?
  2. Which emotion where you most surprised by?

Chapter 12: Violence And Anger Issues

  1. What surprised you most about this chapter?
  2. Do you think domestic violence is being properly addressed?
  3. Do you know anyone who is or has been abused?

Chapter 13 - Leaving A Man

  1. What is your best breakup experience?
  2. What is your worst?

Chapter 14: Our Beliefs Haven’t Changed

  1. How closely does your definition of masculinity dovetail with this definition?
  2. Do you think the definition of masculinity should be updated? How?

 Chapter 15: What Men Want From Women

  1. Have you taken the happiness test?
  2. *explain*
  3. How many of the things men want from women do you do or not do?

Chapter 16: Questions From Women

  1. Are you a sports fanatic?

Chapter 17: Requests From Men

  1. How many of the things most requested by men do you do?